WJZ 30


  1. All Prices Include DVLA’s £80 Transfer Fee

For any further info message us on Facebook or give us a call for more information.

We are based in Toomebridge, County Antrim which is a central location to everyone. Why not call into our shop to buy your plate. We can assign the plate right away to your vehicle and we can make you a set of plates while you wait.

Plates don’t have to be assigned to your car until you’re ready and can be held on retention certificate for as long as needed at no additional cost. This option makes number plates a great gift.

Same Day Transfer available on all our plates. We can assign the plate to your car in minutes or we can post the Retention Certificate out to you the same day to be assigned at a later date.

Number Plates are also available here
Metro Plates are available here
3D & 4D GEL Plates now available here